You are not average!

Personal Development

Gain effective tools to improve in areas

such as time management,

leadership, creating healthy habits

& boundaries, and removing mental

and emotional limitations.

You will be inspired to make the

necessary shifts required in

order to be an effective bold

leader in all areas of life.

Personal Spiritual


Strategy for Kingdom women to establish

and lay firm foundations.

The Inner Circle is available to

equip you with practical AND

spiritual tools to help you build

confidence in your life and walk with God!

Spiritual Development

Spiritual growth for ALL believers is

absolutely vital. In the Inner Circle,

you will be deepened in the areas

of inner healing, breaking

generational curses, cultivating

spiritual discipline, and more.

Receive spiritual guidance and

encouragement as you step out

and walk boldly in the plan and

purpose God has for you.

Bold Ones Inner Circle is a monthly group

that will give you exactly what you need

to grow and be inspired to be bold in

all areas of life. Not only do you get

training each and every week, but you

also get to be part of one of the best,

most supportive and encouraging

communities online.

In the Inner Circle,

you will...

Discover spiritual principles that will

shift your mindset and spark new

opportunities for growth

Learn how to navigate and transcend

in the spiritual realm to witness success

and breakthrough in your life.

Learn how to unapologetically share

your testimony, own your story,

and break forth to the next level

Align yourself with the blueprints of

Heaven for your life.

Develop the holy courage, boldness,

and authority to walk in what is

rightfully yours!

“God is within her, 

she will not fall” - 

Psalm 46:5

You will discover 

how to….

Rectify mindset issues holding you back

from living in the fullness God has for you

Overcome emotional barriers and

self-sabotaging behaviors that hinder

your spiritual growth

Gain fundamental tools necessary

to operate in daily life

If you’re ready to break up with self-sabotage and come into agreement with the blueprints of Heaven…

I am here to help!

What you get..

Access to private Facebook group for encouragement and accountability

Live Q&A's

Monthly Masterclasses

Guest Speakers

Pop up Devotions

Activations, tools, and assignments to help get you to the next level

For a $47 Monthly Seed

I want you to know that

it is okay.

It is OKAY to desire more…

It is OKAY to go after the very dreams and desires that God Himself has placed on the inside of you!

It is OKAY to step into your royal identity in the Kingdom!

Oftentimes as believers, we tend to shy away from walking boldly. We’ve become conditioned to believe that God would have us to settle in mediocrity. But this couldn’t be any further from the truth! Your Father in Heaven has called and set you apart for more.

Together we will embark on your journey of inner healing and deliverance, developing your vision, taking authority over every lie the enemy has spoken, and so much more!

I can’t wait to help you break off the fear and limitations and be free from what’s holding you back! Get ready to Unlock and Activate Your True Identity!

Monthly Masterclasses

Each month we have a masterclass on specific topics.. anything from social media influence, to health and fitness, beauty, motherhood, marriage, singleness, entrepreneurship and so much more. These targeted training sessions are truly game-changers!


We have different formats including live sessions for Q&A and you will love them all! There are many opportunities to get all your questions answered and learn from the questions of others.

Private Facebook Group

Once you have signed up you will receive an email with all group details and links.

For a $47 Monthly Seed

Everyone Needs A Coach/Mentor

A coach will help you recognize the HIDDEN TALENTS and TREASURES that you have within you. You may be surprised at what they uncover! A coach will ENCOURAGE and CHALLENGE you to push past your COMFORT ZONE and help you accomplish your goals much faster. It’ll be easier to do that with someone on hand to keep you ACCOUNTABLE. A mentor helps you to identify ROADBLOCKS to growth and develop a STRATEGY for breakthrough.

THE BOLD ONES INNER CIRCLE WITH JOANNA BECK is a monthly membership group where you will be inspired to step out of your comfort zone as we share ideas and strategies to get you moving.

Come find your tribe! This group is full of like-minded women just like you!

Finding people who are in or have walked through similar situations that can help and encourage you is key and we are all waiting to meet you.

“And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.” – Luke 1:45

For a $47 Monthly Seed

Do you find yourself dealing with the same

mental or emotional blocks again and again?

Have you always felt called to stand out

and make your mark in the Earth under the leadership

and guidance of the Holy Spirit?

Do you desire wisdom concerning how

to accept your calling in the Kingdom?

Are you in need of teachings to help

you break free and finally win in life?

Join me in 

The Inner Circle 



Take back TERRITORY!
Walk boldly in Your VICTORY!

I can't wait to see you

in the Inner Circle!

For a $47 Monthly Seed